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During this time, Vintage has become more than a web production

We opened new directions for branding and creativity. So, in addition to web-production and development, we started to create brands, to shoot TV commercials, to make projects 360, to open digital expositions and even to launch the largest Instagram activation in Ukraine.

So, thank you, 2023, for these changes and growth.

Here is a short digest of our achievements and transformations of the year.



A platform for improving the digital competency of Ukrainians. During the year, more than 450 000 users started learning on the platform. These are fantastic figures, given that the part of the audience are people who hadn’t been familiar with a computer before. In the beginning, there were 3 courses on the platform, and now there are more than 50. This is a unique experience, which has already interested people in other countries.

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14 days

We have created the first online restaurant where the waiter takes your order from the site through your camera and microphone. You can watch the waiter pick your fish or get your oysters out of the tank. On the first day of the launch, the project brought a box office as big as that of a restaurant on weekends. We were contacted by about 30 restaurateurs who wanted to purchase the same technology. But sorry, we have an exclusive contract.
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We believe that when a profitable small business appears in every yard, our country will reach a new level.



On the platform you can order an online or offline consultation of experts in various areas as for your business. In addition, you can find out what business models exist, choose business templates, read the cases of successful entrepreneurs, find digital services and funds. The project is so large that we already have a backlog for the next several years.
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We were producers of an online and offline exhibition dedicated to the problem of domestic violence.


70 mentions

We designed the concept of the exhibition, collected items, found exhibits, made photo shoots, audio recordings, created a promotional site and organized an offline exhibition together with the partners. An incredible experience, we are happy to help raise awareness of such important topics. The project received massive coverage on the leading TV and media channels (more than 70 media).

The plot came out on: :

  • 1+1
  • СТБ
  • Ukrinform TV
  • Еспресо TV
  • ЧП info
  • 5 канал
  • Телеканал Дом
  • Прямий
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We created a new brand of residential complexes. It was a great experience of integration with another business, because this year showed what long-term relationships and agreements are worth.

We were able to take care of all the marketing tasks of the client, so now we have many plans for next year.

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16 000 000

3 000

We have launched the largest Instagram activation in Ukraine. The results are impressive - we have reached an audience close to that of TV - 16,000,000 people, and we reduced the cost of connecting a new user by 30%. And also we received 4 670 mentions of the brand in social networks.

We have proved that if you approach influence marketing on a large scale, you can get outstanding business results. Find more details in the interview by Vector Media here:

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16 countries

Zorg is a biogas plant installer. This is the largest site we developed last year, increasing customer sales by 5 times. Most customers were buying the technology for the first time. So, we decided to explain everything in detail, rendered in 3D technological processes and showed the key differences. It was long and expensive, but now the site contains the most complete information about the operation of biogas plants in the world.
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2.5 months

It was a project with a strict deadline. We developed a platform for ticket sales, access levels, a voting module for judges, also we provided a secure system for watching movies - i.e. they cannot be downloaded.

Half of our agency worked on the project, but we succeeded. Today only the Cannes Film Festival and Molodist Film Festival have such systems. And we are proud of that.

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We tell and educate


The first international conference where Vintage spoke. The founder Ievgen and the creative director Olga were invited to speak on the topic of enlarging your creativity. We can't even imagine how difficult it must have been for them to speak in English for the first time, especially considering there were more than 800 of the coolest designers from all over the world in the hall. But the main thing is to start. And then it will be even better. So we are proud that Ukrainians teach Europeans design.

ADC* Europe

Barcelona festival, where the best design projects of the year are chosen. There, Olya was also a member of the jury and made a speech "Creativity as a sport." Ukrainians, by the way, are rare guests at this festival, so we are proud of Olya and happy for her.

Digital Design Days

The largest online conference in Europe, where our creative director Olga also spoke about creativity. About 20,000 people listened to her, it was unforgettable!



RadioPlayer is the most convenient radio player in your smartphone. We have gained 200,000 thousand regular listeners, and the application ranks 7th in the top of the Play Market. By the way, this is the highest place in the top among Ukrainian audio players. This year we have added Android Auto and CarPlay to integrate the application with your car, as well as added the functionality of the marketplace of radio stations.
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This is love at first sight. We got excellent experience integrating with the inhouse design and development team.

Throughout the year, the loader, onboard screen, and application design were updated for TV and smartphones. We developed billboards and Instagram activations, came up with gamification and promotional campaigns. And then presented new features that are not even available on Netflix or HBO.

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Created a branded e-commerce sparkling wine.

A comprehensive approach - an stylistically attractive site that’s easy to navigate completed with the right digital promotion gave an excellent result in the first months of operation.

We are preparing for the release of the second part of the project, it will be WOW.

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We made an updated site design for a renovated design hotel in Kyiv. Our non-standard approach to the site reflects the new philosophy of the hotel and restaurant. The number of foreigners in the hotel is constantly growing, we like to believe that this is because they saw our work and felt the vibe of the hotel.

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We develop our own projects



Now the official Subaru distributor has a new modern corporate website. It was a crazy experience for us to work with such a large company as Subaru Global, and to study the cultural differences of the sites of one brand in different countries. Now we can find balance between an international brand book and localization.
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We have been working with official Toyota and Lexus dealerships for several years. Last year, we launched more than 30 services that help owners of these cars to admire them even more. And working with successful international companies, you can learn a lot from them, and now we know exactly why these brands have captured the world.
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A modern corporate site for dealers of fasteners.

If you thought the B2B fasteners sales market was boring, then you haven’t seen our site. The team is very professional and progressive, so they got the fitting site.
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500 000

A platform about motherhood for modern parents. You can find all the necessary information about pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition, baby development, family relationships on the site. By the way, all articles are written by qualified pediatricians.
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Lets create awesome projects together in 2024